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A new flicker of concern fuels the TLA topic

08-21 09:50

I’d be comfortable saying lighting flicker is an irritating phenomenon that has been experienced by 99.999% of the population with access to electric lighting.

Consumers can't recognize the difference between bulb types

08-21 09:47

It's official: European consumers struggle to tell apart different bulb types, easily confusing LEDs with incandescents, CFLs, metal halides, and others.

Wimbledon Centre is transition to LED lighting

08-21 09:44

Wimbledon, among the most famed sports venues around the globe, installed LED lighting in the retractable roof that can cover Centre Court during periods or rain or darkness.

Feilo Sylvania widens its smart lighting net with a broad systems integration scheme

08-18 09:39

Feilo Sylvania is upping its smart lighting game, launching a technology integration program designed to mix and match different luminaires.

Lighting for Health and Wellbeing conference: Attendee perspective

08-18 09:36

We held our first US Lighting for Health and Wellbeing conference two weeks back, and we felt that it was a great success.

Closed Loop Shower System a Potential Game Changer

08-18 09:30

A number of years ago, while walking what was then called the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show, I came across a company that had developed a system to recycle and reuse water from a shower.

Package LED Market Saw a 3% Uptick in 2016

08-17 09:32

In 2015, the package LED market took a massive hit due to the drastic price erosions along with harsh exchange rates in most regions

West Virginia’s Clarion Inn Harpers Ferry Has Plenty of ‘Room to be Green’

08-17 09:30

The investment in solar by owner Family Adventure Resorts, LLC has helped lift the hotel to level 3 status as part of Choice Hotels International’s Room to be Green program.

Surprises in the Worldwide Package LED Market

08-17 09:27

Strategies Unlimited recently released its annual market update of the Worldwide Market for LEDs.

Motif Seattle Incorporates Local in Innovative Boutique Design

08-16 09:34

Motif Seattle, A Destination Hotel, recently announced the unveiling of a comprehensive $10 Million guestroom redesign.

LEDs in Lighting Applications – Market Analysis and Forecast 2017

08-16 09:31

Revenues for LEDs in lighting applications, including both replacement lamps and luminaires, are expected to grow at a compound average growth rate of 5% from 2016 through 2022.

Decision makers let LEDs speak for themselves in outdoor lighting

08-16 09:29

Outdoor lighting is so much a part of our everyday lives that we don’t tend to pay much attention to it…unless it is lacking in areas, which makes us feel unsafe, or is so bright that it intrudes into our homes or impedes our vision.

Marc Ange’s Le Refuge Pops Up at Beverly Hills Hotel

08-15 09:30

Missed out on Salone del Mobile? You probably still recognize Le Refuge. That’s because the pastel-pink installation.

Fox Highlights Sunset World Resorts Achievements

08-15 09:28

The TV channel “Fox Business” through its “Innovations with Ed. Begley Jr.” show recently broadcast the achievements in sustainability made by Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences.

LED advancements in SPD and efficacy enable new usage scenarios

08-15 09:25

Over the course of mid-summer into the fall of 2016, Lumileds rolled out numerous members of what the company has called the Stylist portfolio of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs with SPDs tuned to a new level of specialization for applications.

London connects another 28,000 street lights to wireless mesh controls

08-14 09:27

London is connecting another 28,000 LED street lights to wireless mesh controls based on Internet protocols, using a system provided by Silver Spring Networks.

CoeLux harnesses LEDs to deliver California sunlight in a Copenhagen restaurant

08-14 09:24

European upstart CoeLux has enabled an LED-lighting project in a California-cuisine-themed restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark that virtually transports diners to the California sunshine.

Closed Loop Shower System Offers 80 Percent Energy, 90 Percent Water Savings

08-14 09:21

Is a spa-like shower experience with 90 percent less water consumption and 80 percent less energy consumption possible in a hotel guestroom shower.

SMART Hotels Introduce SOPHY, a New Luxury Boutique Hotel

08-11 09:48

The Olympia Companies, and SMART Hotels are bringing a luxury boutique hotel to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Smart strategies make buildings work harder for commercial occupants

08-11 09:46

Lighting is uniquely positioned in its ubiquity to become the central connection point for building IP networks.

Lighting for Health and Wellbeing conference: Attendee perspective

08-11 09:42

We held our first US Lighting for Health and Wellbeing conference two weeks back, and we felt that it was a great success.