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How hoteliers estimated their 2016 performance

10-18 09:30

From 2010 through 2015, U.S. hotels enjoyed above long-run average revenue and profit growth.

Lighting controls can no longer set with IoT advances

10-18 09:27

As far back as I can remember, lighting controls were always the responsibility of IT experts. Lighting designers and end users were dependent on their skills to program our lighting vision.

New York data center slashes LED lighting and controls

10-18 09:23

Fairbanks Energy Services has documented the energy savings attributed to LED lighting and autonomous controls at a Chappaqua, NY data center at 244,000 kWh in one year of operation.

Marriott will have more brands by next year

10-17 09:56

The value and ROI brands deliver to hotel owners have become more arguable as technology and distribution platforms prove ever more to even the field for those properties absent a flag.

MHL Hotel Collection acquires Radisson Blu Hotel

10-17 09:53

Westin, InterContinental and one of the original owners of Galway's Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa have partnered to acquire the Irish hotel for an undisclosed amount.

Osram buys stake in retail industry

10-17 09:50

In its latest move to transform from a lighting company into a self-described “high-tech” outfit, Osram has acquired a significant minority interest in a Swiss software startup that delivers individualized deals and product information to shoppers' smartphones in malls and retail stores.

Investors see opportunity in Africa's hotel industry

10-16 09:20

High demand growth, the arrival of new global brands and increasing supply in major markets has driven sub-Saharan Africa's hotel sector over the past decade, according to a new report from JLL.

Grocer uses LED lighting for store-grown produce

10-16 09:19

Transportation costs and time are the enemies of getting fresh produce to consumers, and are a significant driving force behind the proliferation of LED-lit vertical farms located near urban population centers.

New scientific soil at horticultural lighting event

10-16 09:15

The US Horticultural Lighting Conference in Denver is just 11 days away, and we’re all gearing up to hear what the latest crop of horticultural science and solid-state lighting (SSL) technology experts has to say.

H.n.h Hotels & Resorts to improve revenue strategy

10-13 09:25

H.n.h. Hotels & Resorts S.p.A. has partnered with Duetto to implement the its cloud solutions to the 11 H.n.h hotels currently operating in Italy.

LaMar Introduces Tri-Level LED Automatic Luminaire

10-13 09:22

LaMar Lighting has introduced Sensa, its new series of round occu-smart fixtures.

Bluetooth Mesh Shows Wireless Connectivity in a Whole New Light

10-13 09:21

Wired lighting infrastructures have a history of providing dependability that, until recently, wireless networks couldn’t match.

Marriott International signs seven new hotels in Africa

10-12 09:21

As part of its expansion across Africa, Marriott International signed deals to open seven new hotels consisting of 1,300 guestrooms across several new markets.

Osram delivers LED headlamp

10-12 09:18

Osram Opto Semiconductors along with Osram Specialty Lighting has announced the demonstration of the Eviyos automotive LED headlamp module that could be the next advancement in automotive forward lighting beyond shipping adaptive drive beam headlights.

Philips' latest IoT proposition from India

10-12 09:16

Philips Lighting is taking IoT-based lighting management to a whole new level, opening a computer and network center in India to operate outdoor, office, and architectural lighting for customers around the world, and to draw data from those sites.

W Hotels to develop W Rome for Italy

10-11 10:39

W Hotels Worldwide plans to open the W Rome in 2021, marking the first time that the W brand will land in Italy.

Target gives the go-ahead on IoT lights at half its stores

10-11 10:37

The world's largest known deployment of lighting-based indoor positioning is finally going full speed ahead, as US retail giant Target plans to roll out a customer engagement system in nearly half of its 1800 stores by Christmas.

DOE publishes Gateway research on tunable LED lighting in education

10-11 10:35

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has conducted a Gateway trial of tunable LED lighting in three Carrollton, TX classrooms, and teachers felt that the solid-state lighting (SSL) installation improved the educational environment.

Africa's hotel industry in August 2017

10-10 09:26

Based on August 2017 data from STR, Africa's hotel pipeline has 301 projects in development, accounting for 57,011 guestrooms, or 11 percent of the continent’s existing room supply.

Cree adds high-current COB LEDs

10-10 09:23

Cree has announced the XLamp CMA family of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs that mark the company’s first foray into such LEDs manufactured on an aluminum substrate as opposed to a ceramic substrate.

US DOE publishes 2017 plan for LED and OLED technology

10-10 09:22

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has published is annual Solid-State Lighting (SSL) R&D plan.